Torre pendolante

Kinetic light object

Designer: Stefan Helfrich
Material: alabaster, felt
Dimensions: base Ø 17 cm, height 38 cm
Light Source: LED on base G 23, 6 – 12 Watt


Kinetic light object in
a first edition of 50 pieces.

The small Tuscan town of Volterra is located in the province of Pisa and is considered the centre of European alabaster processing. The kinetic light object „Torre pendolante“ was created in collaboration with the company Ducceschi Alabastri srl.


Alabaster is a naturally
occurring rock,

related to marble, which is worked in quarries, partly underground, also around Volterra. The various deposits differ among themselves in purity, type and colour of the grain and their translucency.

Compared to marble, alabaster is warm, soft and translucent, and has inspired artists and craftsmen for thousands of years to create ever new forms. After the great success of alabaster chandeliers of the 1920s, the rapid development of LED technology now opens up completely new design possibilities.


Every light
a unique specimen

The base and stem of the light are made from turned solid stone and only reveal their individual appearance after they have been worked.
This can range from various transparent white lines and shapes to opaque inclusions or veins.

Design and realisation

Architect and designer
Stefan Helfrich

Lives and works in Darmstadt (DE) and
Volterra (IT).
Awards: Design Plus, Design for Europe / Interieur


Torre pendolante

Single pieces or larger quantities can be ordered

The light can be ordered directly from this website. Please send us an email with your wishes.
The price for a single piece is 520 €, plus shipping costs.
For orders of 5 pieces or more, the price per piece is reduced to 490 €, plus shipping costs.

Collaborations and partners